See it, Snap it, Share it

By pplnani

365 BLIPS....YAY

I made it, I haven't managed 365 in a row because I had a bit of a faltering start but I have posted every day since 12th July last year - so it's nearly there.
I have really enjoyed the past year and I've loved looking at all the journals. I feel I've made some new friends even though I will probably never meet any of you, it's great to be able to share things with you.
Thank you to all my Blip pals who visit my journal regularly and also to anyone who is just passing by, but most of all a huge 'Thank you' to everyone at Blip, who work hard to make it all happen - my life wouldn't be the same without you all ;-))

LATE ADDITION - If you would like to see a surprise visitor to my garden last night Click here

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