wooly wonders

By biblios

Midsummer Nights Dream

I was over joyed to be part of the Nite Kirk here in Caithness, based in the Dunnet Kirk, I arrived at 10ish to the noise of the waves on the beach beneath us, and the smell of the seaweed and that salty seaside smell that defies description. I have been a staff member helping or listening, and I have helped set up, but last night I was a reader or performer. I took a book of poems and read out loud from the book for a while, and the audience were wonderful, and most came up afterwards to thank me personally and to comment that I had read some of their favorite poems.
The night was started 3 years ago when a local lady was in Edinburgh and took part in their Nite Kirk, she planned and organised and summer 2011 we helped her run the first one here. The church is open all night for anyone wanting peace, space, inspiration or even just an ear. The first night we had a big timetable of performances every hour for an hour all night. Last year I felt brave enough to read some poems out, I didn't have many and had to really work myself into it. This year I just took a book and read a while then rested and then read a bit more. Overall I read for 90 minutes, relaxed and with a fabulous audience. I was there until 2.30 am, we had another visitor for the night come up and do a poem from his childhood, on the strength of being able to cause I had. He is well over 80 and spoke to the small number still there at 1 am with gathering confidence. That is Nite Kirk to me.
The shot is taken at 2.30 am as I was heading home, the sky was just starting to show the day light returning, but the mist or sea haar was blanketing everywhere making all blurred and soft focused. The grave yard looked comforting and almost cosy despite the late hour and the mist. The outside light was on to light up the path to the door, but from the shadows you get a much more atmospheric shot.

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