By Colstro

Reykjavik Harbour from the Harpa Concert Hall

Today is the first day of my photographic trip to Iceland with John Gravett. I flew from London Gatwick to Keflavik airport, where we were met by our Icelandic guide, Kristjan, and taken to our hotel. After settling in, we strolled through the city to a restaurant where we enjoyed an excellent meal.

Afterwards, we wandered around getting a feel for the place and - of course - taking plenty of photographs as we went. We went into the fascinating Harpa Concert Hall and Conference centre, an interesting example of modern architecture where interlocking lozenges of angled plain and coloured glass create wonderful abstract patterns. At one side of the building, there is a view across the harbour, towards the direction of the setting sun - although the cloudy sky obscured our view of the sun itself. Looking forward to the next few days.

[Back blipped because my laptop died just before the trip - and internet access was not available at all our locations.]

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