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Pancakes for breakfast

Sleepover went well although after being out at the cinema late last night it would have been nice if the sleepers had slept abit longer. I got up shortly after they did at 6 and made them pancakes for breakfast.

Poor wee Girl3, she was super sleepy when she got up today and had a wee bit of a bug, She really was ill as she didn't want to go to a party she was invited too. And she loves a party.

Girl2 and I went along to the Edinburgh Canal Festival for a wee cycle and walk before the party, it was great. There was lots of homemade rafts racing and some good stalls. Had a wee chat with one of the guys from Lupe Pintos which is a great wee deli that specialises in spicey/chilli based food and sells great chorizo. He was selling some fantastic Lime Pickle (Wow.!) I love a lime pickle.

After dropping Girl2 at the party I headed down to Farmers Market and had a weather chat with the Venison stall man. The rain just seemed to be getting heavier as the day wore on.

Girl3 seemed much better at bed time after spending the day in her nightie eating just rice. And she loves rice.

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