Click Click Redemption

By Seoirseo

Memory Lane

A great sight! I can't remember the last time I actually saw Hopscotch scrawled in chalk on the path.

In all the time (14 years or so) I was in Edinburgh, I don't remember seeing it. And a long time before that back in Ireland.

I had figured it consigned it to the rubbish dump of children's games. Swallowed whole by ubiquitous digital culture. That kids today probably only knew it from games on consoles or mobile phones! Typical 1st world thinking.

I am old enough (sadly - boo hoo) to remember playing it as a young kid. It formed part of our daily Summer ritual along with Kerbs, Imaginary-Horse-Showjumping, Rounders & endless Football.

Summers in Ireland, during which, I believe the sun used to shine.

Had there been no one else in the park, I might even have been tempted to risk breaking an ankle and going for a wee leap!!

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