Lily Time

The Daylilies are blooming all along our driveway. This one is down near the bottom. I planted bulbs of many different varieties and colors all along the driveway soon after we moved to Bellingham in 1990. Supposedly you need to dig them up and replant them occasionally. Well, not ours it seems. They are still going strong after over 20 years in the same spot. Lucky that they seem to be thriving with neglect. They get plenty of sun and more water than most of our plants due to their proximity to the driveway where water flows whenever it rains. And they seem happy as can be right where they are. This morning the first lily also bloomed on the deck. It is a simple pink one and there is a mass of buds right near it so soon we'll be overwhelmed with fragrance and beauty. I'll blip one soon.

Having a quiet day today. Doing the wash. Hanging out. Catching up on computer stuff. One of those days. And it has cooled down a bit too which I enjoy. Have a lovely day everybody.

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