Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Keeping oneself Entertained

Spent 5 hours this evening hanging up pictures. Well, not me - the carpenter, but I have to be there too. I think he is flaking! He hung 25 pictures...such precise measuring. I went ahead and worked out what went where - and while he was working on one section, I noticed this view on the East side of the building.

You're look at the building called Jumeirah Living; built on what used to be the Dubai Hilton Hotel. The Hilton was a short stubby 5 storey building that looked fine adjacent to the Trade Centre; now we have this ultra modern, ultra luxurious building in its place; taller than the Trade Centre, it looks so bizarre. Anyway, aesthetics aside, I loved the light in the common area of each floor set against the darkness. Best viewed large.

Apart from that, it's been a good, productive day but another late night as I didn't get home till after 11pm; had my [delicious] dinner (left over from yesterday) and then when it came to doing my blip, realised I had left my rucksack in the car, so down I went to fetch it, and there it was, sitting on the back seat in full view. Another thing that I love about Dubai! It would have been there in the morning too.

It is 1:30am, so good night for now...

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