Life in Scotland

By LifeinScotland

Granton breakwater #2

The weekend is almost over and my to do list is nowhere near completion, soon I will give up on these attempts to do it all and welcome back anarchy and chaos into my life/home. Am I overdoing it? Maybe, but you've got to have a life outside work commitments, don't you? ...extra time is all I need ;)
Anyway, left the said list behind to enjoy a bit of the amazing summer day we had in Edinburgh going to the beach near Granton breakwater. The pier was absolutely packed with people fishing and the beach was full of people sunbathing, some kids were also playing in the freezing water. At first I was thinking about trying some macros but it was quite windy, I just relaxed sitting in the sun and snapped a pic of the pier.

Random tune of the day Deep Purple...gonna see them live soon ;)

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