By justbrian


Today I have been re grouting the patio area at the back of my house, anyone who has done this before with know how tedious it actually is, raking the old mortar out of the joints, sweeping it up then jet washing the paving slabs. Well, I came up with a time saving phenomenon that once I tell everyone about it you'll wonder why you had never thought of it before.

I have one of these and I thought that it would be a great idea to use it to fet rid of all of the old mortar, it worked a treat, I know that A took a picture of me on her iphone when I was doing the work, link to follow.

I have recently acquired a number of old Voigtlander rangefinder cameras, three don't work and are paper weights but one I bought recently from a charity shop does, I've recently put a film in it and I'm in the process of learning how to use it.

I have Voigtlander lenses for my XE 1 too and I like the fact that I have to focus manually to get the picture. I have a 15,21 and 50 mm lens, this blip was taken with the 50 mm in my back garden (despite the exif saying 15mm I forgot to alter it in camera) , it's a bud from a Hosta plant. The photo is straight out of the camera with no editing at all.

I've been listening to the Aussies thrashing the England cricket team on a new DAB radio I bought, at one point I was going to take it back as it was only giving out bad news !

I'm back at work tomorrow, the weather is going to be very warm so I'm expecting to be busier than a busy thing.

Thank you to all of the kind souls who passed comment on my 730th blip yesterday, I'm ever so pleased that I started up again, this is a very inspirational community.

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