A Life in Films

By xrayspexs

.Forbidden Fruit..(1952)

Even with the year, I am in awe of dinofone for guessing this correctly. Really thought I would win with this one, with another great French film with all the twists and turns that they can do so well....

So they win a spatula of their choice, only because I like to say the word spatula!

Hottest day of the year...
The sound of lawn mowers whining
and young children playing
away in the distance
the morning chirp of the birds
have stopped and faded now
and the slow hand of the clock
ticks away, to
Just past the hour when
the sun is at is highest
the only place to be
is down by the sea,
but that is many mikes away
so we retire to the sofa
for that rare siesta....

Hope you are having fun :-)

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