last year's model

A pleasingly uncommentworthy workday today.., not massively interesting but notable for the fact that time seemed to pass evenly at the speed at which it is meant to pass; odd for the rarity value. To continue the relatively unexciting happenings (after a pleasant but relatively unexciting walk home through the leaf-strewn Grange, an uneventful call to a bank to get them to remind me what my online login details are and a not-particularly-different-from-normal bicycle round the hill) I've just stuck all the already-booked festivals stuff into my calendar (which I shall sync to my phone in the morning) to make it easier to establish what other things might be considered without holding off due to a vague feeling of there being something happening on a particular date. There's one ticket in the pile that I can't quite definitely pin down as being either mine or my dad's as it's approximately within the period of his visit but towards the end, the main problem of identification being that I can no longer remember what the various circles, squiggles and dots scribbled in the guide meant, though they were sufficient to order the tickets in the first place. Hopefully it's mine as I quite like the sound of it and had question-marked the relevant page in the programme.


On the exciting side, what looked to be a large and frightening problem turned out to be easily-solved early on in the morning; cheers, blipcentral.

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