By kamran


Anna (32) / living in Magdeburg/ Athlete, Cook, Dancer

Left for afternoon walk today and passed AfroShop. Shop owner Douala was sitting outside with his friends. I went to him to present his portrait print that I had photographed few weeks ago. Douala was very happy on getting his portrait and showed it to all his friends. I felt very proud :-) At the shop I met some new people (including Anna) and took some pictures of them.

Anna is from Togo and came to Germany 5 years ago. She is a marathon athelte and can run for hours. She is a dancer too, practices and performs regularly. For earning, she does a job of cooking which is contract-based.

Anna was frustrated on her progress in German language (and so was I). She is attending a language course for last 6 months but still reckons German very tough. She gave me the address of a nearby language school where I have the possibility to learn German for free.

A beautiful lady and a very friendly person. On 25th of June, Anna would celebrate her 33rd Birthday.

New acquaintances everyday. So much diversity to see in the world.

I see NO end of (stranger) portrait series in the near future.

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