By monochrome

No Parking / Victory

I was in two minds whether to go out at lunch time or not - I had a bit of work to do, and the weather looked a bit crap. I had thought a heavy shower at around 11am would force the decision, however by the time midday came around, it had dried up sufficiently to render the "too wet" excuse void.

So, having finally decided that a quick jaunt around the New Town would be better than sitting at my desk, reading Slashdot, I headed down Dundas Street and along Abercromby Place. I felt the first few droplets of rain as I was walking up Barony Street, so I decided to up the pace and head back to the office (just in time I might add).

Just after I had left work, there was a torrential downpour of rain that was most impressive. Driving down Minto Street / Mayfield Gardens / Craigmillar Park, the gutters had turned to rivers and the cars had to tip-toe through the puddles for fear of flooding. The spray churned up by the buses was also something of a sight, and, although I didn't see any pedestrians getting a lung-full of cold rainwater, I'm sure it would have happened to some unlucky sod.

Here is a pic of some of the flooding at the Craigmillar Park / Gilmerton Road junction - the spray from the bus isn't too bad in this pic, but the bus is near enough in the middle of the road. When it was driving along nearer the gutter, it was reaching well over half way up the side of the bus.

Still, the summer was nice while it lasted.

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