Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Grumpy Birds

Or should that be 'Angry Birds'.

Today I was with both grandchildren as Oliver did not have to go to work. I took a PC and a Mac, an external three terabyte drive, an iPad and a Kindle, plus all the cables and wires, but not a proper camera. What was at the bottom of their garden this morning, all within the space of ten minutes? A Green Woodpecker, a rabbit, a squirrel and a Reeves Muntjac!

It has been a strange day weather-wise, lots of sunshine, but frequent bouts of heavy rain, with thunder and lightning. After I came home, I took several 'wet' pictures of flowers and leaves during one of the thunderstorms and then I looked out of the kitchen window and saw these two grumpy looking birds; the Blue Tit looks particularly grumpy, so they are my blip for today.

Tomorrow Oliver is going to work and me and Victoria are going to have a girly shop in Cambridge, with lots of rest stops for coffee, cake and lunch so she can rest her knee as necessary.

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