Ramblings of a psychotog!

By AndyCabb

The End

This is my final blip.
Ive been wanting to finish blipping for a wee while now (you might of guessed by my lack of commenting!). I decided to reach the 1000 mark first as it seemed a worthy landmark to conplete what has been mostly a very enjoyable time for me.
My reasons for leaving?
Blip has been a social expierience for me as well as a learning one, and with less and less of my good blip friends still blipping i find myself without the ethusiasm to blip that i once had. Add into the equation that i am going to be busy with work AND Uni in the near future i thought now would be a good time to close the blip door and move on.
Thanks to every one who has commented over the last 1000 days, it has been appreciated and if anything worthy pops up i may well be back to blip it.
I dont know how that may affect my OCD tho!
I may have to continue to two thousand then....just to make sure its a round number!
Cya folks
carry on and keep blipping X

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