One Street: Market Square, Shipley #44

It turned ridiculously hot today. The temperature rose steadily through morning and afternoon, both inside and outside the office. When I eventually managed to get away it was like stepping out into an oven. It was a very sticky and sultry heat and, to be honest, not altogether pleasant. I took a slow cycle back, struggling to find any energy at all. I did try to kindle the internal fire by going up Thwaites Brow, a very steep cobbled climb, but that just had the effect of making feel even more sticky and lethargic. I continued home via Keighley Tarn and Silsden, witnessing a beautiful sunset along the way, but I wasn't able to enjoy it as I felt I should. The pressures at work seems to be locking me into my head at the moment. I can't escape.

It was a very frustrating day and despite taking some pretty landscape shots they somehow just don't seem appropriate for the journal. I'm finding myself increasingly drawn to people on my photographic journey here. I spotted Philip taking a smoke outside a pub on Market Square and couldn't resist going over to chat. It's becoming a compulsion. I wouldn't recognise myself as me from the me of a year ago! He wasn't particularly talkative but he was perfectly happy for me to take a picture or two. So ... a gritty portrait for a gritty day.

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