By Brotographer

Post-21st celebrations

LONDONNNNNN! Yeah buddy, down to celebrate my 21st with some amigos. Boycey, JB, Shane and me met up at a pub in Kensal Green for a quick pint. After that, drop off our stuff and get changed at the house. Sian’s there, one of the London housemates who I haven’t seen in ages, and she approves of where we’re going! And that’s Kensington Roof Gardens! Off we go, but not before grabbing a quick (read super super fast) McDo to re energize. Charlie, Anu, Cindy and Lia all join us before going in. The perfect ratio for entry you might say, 4 and 4. Ali and Wilson (+ all his friends) join us right after in the queue! It’s definitely all set to be a good night, as we take the elevator up to the rooftop club. Confirmation: this place is sick, and we had an absolutely awesome night. Thanks to everybody who came along, you guys made the night amazing (despite the photos looking supremely unclassy) partying with the flamingos (or rather should I say goose?). We didn’t leave until the place shut down around 3am, and after that it was just a question of getting a cab, dropping Charlie off and then choosing where each person would pass out in the house (there were 5 of us!).

Late upload, as the photos I took were on the disposable camera! This is the only photo of the night where Ali isn't pulling a face. It's also a great group photo despite the quality hah: left to right Tom, JB, Charlie, myself, Shane, Ali and Lia.

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