Guess the Bridge*

Good things happened today.

We woke up, hangover free, and had a nice couple of hours wandering Oxford, drinking coffee (me) and eating ice cream (Aimee).

Later, after a relatively tense car journey, I got offered a training contract to start in 2015. Suddenly the future feels a lot clearer and well-defined. This year I'll be doing...something. Next year I'll be doing the LPC in London and the year after that I'll be starting my two years as a trainee lawyer. Result.

In the evening we joined Anu for a birthday meal in Covent Garden, and birthday drinks on the South Bank. My calzone was probably the best I've ever had, and it was great to catch up with Anu, Cindy, Sussmek and Marta. Learnt about some interesting Indian history and traditions that were completely new to me, the best being that, in India, if it's your birthday, you pay for the meal out. Thank you Anu!

*Guess the Bridge is ruined by my obsession with mapping photos.

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