A Life of Laughter

By LaughterLover

A Gorgeous Sunset

Today has been a busy day for me but it ended in a perfect moment whilst watching the sun go down at the top of the golf course with Rory. Watching the sunset isn't something I've done very often in my life and the one tonight was incredibly beautiful. Watching the sunset with Rory made it all the more special.

This morning, my sister helped me to get all my things for my flat down from our loft seeing as I move into my flat on Saturday after work. It's odd, I am kind of looking forward to going to uni this year, I think it's because I know that I will be home every weekend for work so leaving doesn't seem so daunting. I am definitely ready to get back to learning and I am determined to do really well this year. I will get only A's and B's in all modules this years, and I will prove my parents wrong as they think I won't cope with a job and uni. I WILL SUCCEED!!

I spent the afternoon working, only from 1 till 5 but it's money that I wouldn't have other wise and I am enjoying being back at work and having extra money to both save and spend. It's nice having a little bit more financial freedom this summer, I've been able to afford two holidays this year. Hopefully I will get a trip to the MotoGP with my sister next year and another couple of holidays with Rory next year too.

So watching the sunset after a walk with Rory was the perfect ending to my day. I love how beautiful nature is, it never fails to mesmerise and stun me. The photo does not do the beauty justice!

I am so excited for Saturday, I get to spend two nights with Rory and we already have Saturday night planned. A take away in Dundee, followed by some drinks in Wetherspoons.....sounds like heaven to me!

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