All part of the story

By Treshnish

The in-laws

The in-laws have landed. It is an annual thing. They rent all 3 black-houses at Haunn, enjoying the remoteness out there - they flood the cottages with grown up children, not so grown up children and a lot of children's friends. As the landlady, I try not to count quite how many.

Sister-in-law is an ace organiser. They bring a horse box, but not a horse. They fill it with tents, airbeds and most years a yurt for holiday yoga (she is a yoga teacher). During the week it acts as the food store, and more. This year they brought a huge BBQ.

It is great to be immersed in the big family, for a while, and to soak up the youthful energy of students and young artists who love Mull but live London.

S got home from the market about 6 this evening. The Cheviots did okay but the Blackface prices were pretty poor - the same price we got for lambs in 1995. I am not sure quite how we compared to last year as there was a bit of a mixup on our sales tickets, won't know until the cheque comes through the post. (Hopefully this time it will come straight here rather than one year when it went to Calgary in Canada first, and arrived here 3 weeks later.)

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