By KirstyHalbert

My Favourite Boys.

Pentax K1000, Kodak BW400CN, ISO 400

One of my favourite pictures I've taken. Today was a really stressful day at the office but sometimes all it takes is a photo like this to remember what's important in life! I had to tell a client today that we'd busted the budget on her job, AND she wouldn't get her report on time. Luckily she accepted my reasoning and wasn't cross, but by the time M picked me up from work I was hanging off the ceiling!

We drove out to Banchory to see A and baby F, as well as one of A's friends who will join me in being one of her bridesmaids next May. She was absolutely lovely, and actually was the one who pointed out that I should be taking a photo of M still in his worksuit, running with baby F up and down the garden on his trike. My two favourite boys in one picture, laughing in the sun. Perfect.

A made a gorgeous risotto for us, and we had boozy amaretto ice cream, meringue and rasps for pudding which was amazing! Idea stolen. We spent a while playing with F; he is OBSESSED with my Pentax and knows how to click the shutter release and wind on the roller before he can click again. Once F was in bed, we stayed a while longer chatting weddings, childrens' books and old friend connections (Aberdeen is so small).

M was needing to head off to do a bit of work before the office in America shut, so we drove home and he sorted his emails while I tidied up and sorted some photos. Lovely evening after a tiring day, and falling into bed felt pretty good, too!

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