Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid



I haven't used the Volvo since Sunday and thought I'd better take it out for a long drive, so I headed out around 5:30 when it was slightly cooler - armed with my camera, of course. I found this road again which G and I had tried back in April - the E77 which connects the E66 and E44! It has some very cool dunes and scenery along it.

The Ghaf tree is found everywhere in this country which means that people's idea of a desert being barren doesn't add up. In most areas, you'd be hard pressed to find just bare sand dunes.

It's been a big decision day but at least we have got there. Next week will bring news of what the next few months hold. It could be going into work every day in an office, or back to visit visas for 6 months. Basically, to protect employers, a law was passed stating that any employee who leaves before completing a minimum of two years, automatically gets a six month (work) ban i.e. they can't join another company if a better offer comes along or things are not working out.

My friends' visa which has given me some stability since June means I fall into that category. Up to nine months ago, you could pay a fee to have the ban lifted, but they have stopped that now. We didn't know the rules had changed. I will be able to stay in Dubai, but not work. On the bright side, I am told my paperwork is in order, provided the PRO gets the right person behind the counter when he goes in to apply! As ever, I am hoping for the best.  :)

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