Breathe In And Out...

By ScotNatureBoy

When predator feasts on predator

Visiting my mum in East Lothian today, I took the dog into her garden and was amazed to observe a wasp pounce onto a hoverfly on an Escholzia flower, disabling it by biting it behind its head. Given the aerial skills of your average hoverfly, this is no mean feat. The wasp, however, struck while the hoverfly was feeding on the flower rather than in flight. It then carried its prey off to a wooden post to immobilised it further before flying away with it. This was the best picture I could take showing both insects. It is also the first picture I have blipped using the new Blipfoto app on my HTC Android phone. As I take all of my Blipfoto photos using my phone, it now feels like I have the complete Blipfoto package!

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