Dog Day

It certainly wasn't one of those scorching days of July or August known as the dog days. It was, however, a day when I had to go at 10am to collect a friend's dog from the lady who's been looking after him for the past 2 weeks as she goes on holiday tomorrow.

I've never had a dog of my own so it's very unusual for me to be out in the pouring rain taking a dog for a walk! This particular dog is finding it very unusual to be going out for a walk with anyone but his owner, he's a one-man dog.

He's slept happily all day and I'm expecting a trouble-free night, well, until at least until Ash thinks it's getting-up time! By the time we wake up his owner will be safely back home from his holiday and ready for me to hand him over in the morning.

I thought I would put this blip up before yesterday's as there are so many photos of Daniel to sort through before I choose the best. Thanks for the lovely comments on Rachel the day before.

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