Rain Spotting

This was just around the time there was a bit of a cloudburst, leaving Euan and I shivering in shorts and T-shirt trying to shelter under some foliage. Was nice and sunny when we set off too.

Slogged it up to Gartmorn Dam in a lactic acid inducing headwind to see what was going on as part of the 300th Anniversay celebrations. Took in a bit of train spotting as they had a miniature steam train ride set up. A short train ride (50 yards of track, but you got to ride it there and back) and free for the kids. Euan didn't want a go, his bike riding through the woods and the rain was excitement enough. There was some 'yarn-bombing' ongoing too, but the rain chased us off, so will go back and take a gander at that another day.

Another wedding reception tonight (that's two weddings and a funeral in the past four weeks, almost enough to make a movie in there) so off to squirt on some aftershave and ask for my pocket money off of Samantha.

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