love light

By lrw


What a day?! Lot of decisions to make today.

Do I go out for coffee or stay home (went out)
Do I journal or work on a crossword (journaled)
Do I look for a dehumidifier or put it off (looked, but did not buy)
Do I buy that UPS I've been thinking about or not (bought it)
Do I look at bathroom hardware since I'm in the neighbourhood? (of course I do :)
What about lunch? (sausages)
Do I buy groceries (of course, but they were out of the most important staple)
Do I try again to deal with that water in my basement? (yes, I do)
Do I take a short drive looking for some lovely blippable scenary? (In this sunshine? Of course!)
Do I like my images? (Doh - yes. all of them!)
Do I have a Gin Tonic or a Campari & Soda while I peruse these images for a blip? (hmm, hard decision. A G&T won out)
Do I call Karin to chat? (oops - she called first :)

Now, what should I have for dinner? (besides the wine, of course ;)

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