4 men and a pup in a tub

Large view - "4 men and a pup in a tub" is what Dave Lucas said with a laugh, when he saw me taking pictures of him and his crew coming up to inspect the lift repairs on our street. My husband Steve & our electrician Ed were putting new motors in the boat lift we use for Chelsea. Steven had borrowed Dave's boat so he and Ed could use it as a working platform, instead of putting a ladder in the water! For a full view of Dave's boat, see my Sept 3rd blip.

While Steve & Ed were working, Dave borrowed our boat Chelsea. It was left parked at Lucas Boatworks when Steven took Dave's boat to our house. Dave invited Howard, Phil, Red and of course Cessna -who were all at Lucas Boatworks to go check out the lift motor progress. They were all so interested in what was happening!  I just loved it when Red stuck his feet overboard to cool off on the way home. I'd say '4 men and a pup in a tub' is definitely a good variation of 3 men in a tub, rub-a-dub-dub!!

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