New Car?

Been looking about for a few months now, for a new car. The car that I have currently was bought quickly due to necessity (getting a dog!), but now I've got the time to look properly for a car I'm likely to keep for a while!

My requirements for a car are quite simple. I wanted something that has gadgets (I like gadgets), and one that is also practical.

I looked at Mitsubishi outlanders, but they are expensive to buy and expensive to run. Plus, when I decide to buy a proper fitted dog cage for the car, the outlander only gives you an extra inch in boot length than you get in the smaller ASX, so it's not really worth it! The fitted cages you can get for the ASX can be pretty big just in the boot itself, or you can put the back seats down flat and you get a massive area, almost like a van!

So, I've decided to get the ASX. It's a nice car, with lots of extra's and cool tech. Plus, it's within my price range! Excited!

I like the red colour, as seen on my iPad in this blip.

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