"It won't hurt a bit...."

I'm not taking part in the Square September challenge, but if I were I think this would have made a good entry as it lends itself well to the square crop.  Poor Immy had to present her arm for a tetanus jab this afternoon, in preparation for her voyage on the sail training vessel Spirit of Adventure in November.  In fact, she was given a triple vaccine - tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough - as apparently there is no single tetanus vaccine available.  So if you stand on a rusty nail and go to get your jab as a precaution, you have to have tetanus and diphtheria, as far as I can make out.

Immy and the other students going on the voyage were fundraising for the trip today, running a sausage sizzle at school lunch-time. Unfortunately, they had unwittingly chosen what turned out to be a 'Senior Skip Day' so sales were rather low, there being no seniors around - I think they'll do another one next week, as they had lots of sausages left over!  They're also going to run a roadside Car Wash on Sunday.

A sunny-ish morning was followed by a thundery afternoon with downpours; on the way to the doctor we were driving through clouds on the top of our hill.  As I hadn't taken any other photos today, this shall have to be the blip.  Other blips of Immy undergoing forms of torture include:

People at work: The Chiropractor
Open Wide

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