Still life with computer problems

Grrrr………day spent in front of the computer sorting out problems only to get myself into an ever-deeper tangle.

So my blip pic is a quick shot of the kitchen fruit bowl.

It started with a warning that I was running out of memory and it began to refuse to process any more photos
Oh well, nothing for it but to get on to the Apple Helpline.

This I view with trepidation – it seems to be staffed by whizzy young men from half way around the globe- and it is something I resort to only in dire emergencies.

Today I decide it is such an emergency.

It starts off well. He tells me his name. It’s an American one I have never heard of and I instantly forget it.

“Now we will go through some security questions…”

This is what I was dreading.

“Date of birth?”

Like Oscar Wilde said:” A woman should never be quite accurate with her age. It looks so calculating.”

Did I knock of five years or even ten years? …Or even tell the truth? I hazard a guess and tell the truth.


“What is your favourite car?”
“I haven’t got one. As far as I'm concerned a car is something on four wheels to get me from A to B.”

He's not impressed.

“I will send you a text to you phone with a code which you will read back to me to verify who you are.”

Well, I know who I am even if the computer doesn’t. I refrain from saying so though and within seconds up pops a code on my iPhone.

I recite it to him with a tremendous sense of achievement. At least I've done something right.

He’s not impressed.
“ You’ll receive an email within 24 hours which will allow you to reset your password.

And we will take it from there.”

Well, that was the gist of it…that is a brief resume of a conversation which went on for a very long time as we attempt to sort out other myriad problems which I decide need some attention.

Tomorrow is another day.

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