Know your enemy

The plumber came today to replace some radiators and service the boiler. We now have a bit more wall that now needs redecorating and making good. It never seems to end!

As I had to take the day off, after the plumber had left I put the washing machine on and went for a bike ride with a mate. We did a route that I've done with my better half this year quite a lot. My mate is fitter than me and unlike my better half who uses a hybrid he has a road bike so I had to push hard to keep up! I was feeling pretty fit when I came back from holiday but it quickly goes if you don't keep it up.

Today's blip is a little yellow flower growing in the drive by the garage - not where it's supposed to be. Sadly for the flower I removed it after this blip. I don't hate plants but I don't like them growing in my concrete...

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