Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

A bit potty

The weather continues to be too dreadful for words for the end of May. It looked reasonably promising at early morning, but was still far too chilly for this time of year, and any promise of some improvement had vanished by midday. April can't have been the extent of our Summer, can it? There must be better on the way. Surely?

Maybe it's just as well that the sun didn't shine or the temperature rise, or my camera might well have dragged me out to do some serious blipping. As it was, I actually managed to catch up on some work and keep at least one cllient happy. Until first one and then another bulb blew in the 'office'. Naturally, I had no spares in the house, so had to venture out to a local DIY. Doglike, the camera knew there was something afoot and insisted on coming along.

I'm sure the other customers were bemused at the sight of a weirdo wandering around with a few packs of lighbulbs in one hand and an open camera in the other, but the only way to deal with the blip urge is to abandon all vestiges of embarrassment. A few shots inside, then outdoors to a light drizzle in the Heavy Building Materials and Gardening sections. These pots made quite a point of proving how good they are at shedding the rain, apart from a few stubborn droplets.

And here's my first blip milestone: number 10, and I lose my L-plate. Wayhay!

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