Barking Bread

Well, I was going to post a lovely photograph of my freshly baked ciabatta bread, but then spotted my cheeky Pio, peeking at me from my bedroom windowsill.

Hitherto, I had not realised that he had such a penchant for windowsills. I think he is rather brave to be sitting underneath that blind. I always half expect it to come crashing down; it's very heavy, due to the window being so large. Fortunately, it didn't.

The bread tastes wonderful and was most satisfying to make. I really only seem to be able to make it during the school holidays, since it takes rather a long time to prove, and requires much organisation.

All in all, it's been quite a productive day, with more to do, of course.

Seedlings planted, seeds planted, business accounts up to date, Will signed and filed (thanks Rae).

Back to the ever present to do list.


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