T-REX - DAY #1

T-Rex Planet Tour Cancer Awareness Project

So here I am with T-REX.

T-REX is a ‘little pink dinosaur’ that is going to be living with me for the next week. Apparently I’ve got to take him out & about with me and be blipped with him???

Well, when I first met him I tried to chew him .............. to see if he squeaked. He didn’t!!! And actually I’m not even sure if he’s even a dinosaur boy??? He’s pink! I know dinosaurs are very old, but ................ I think he might be a dinosaur girl??? Perhaps he should be called T-REXIE?

Anyway T-REX has a very important job to do and he is travelling the world to do it. Please look at the link above.

The 'T-Rex Planet Tour Cancer Awareness Project' was started in Los Angeles on 9th March 2013 and since then T-Rex has been to a lot of places worldwide.

The aim of the project is to get people together, to create cancer awareness through photography.

One person keeps T-Rex for a week and takes photos of him. The photos are then posted on social media sites – BLIP, Instagram, Twitter, FB, Tumblr, Flicker; wherever you want.

The idea is ................... we photograph him every day for a week and then pass him on to someone else who will also photograph him for a week; thus raising awareness of cancer.

Volunteers are needed now for the next stage of his voyage. You don’t have to be a BLIPPER so please contact us if you’d like him to come and stay with you for a week.

At this stage we’re not sure where his stay with us will take us. We might share our experiences of cancer with BLIPLAND, we might just take him out and about on my walks. We’re not sure yet.

....................But CANCER is something that has touched everyone’s life.

Please support the T-Rex Planet Tour Cancer Awareness Project.

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