Another Day Abroad

By s2

on yer bike...

A moment came streaming back today as I sat on the bench chilling 1/2 way through my ride...

It takes a lot to embarrass me normally...

So I was a little surprised at myself, standing there feeling a little out of place

My chiropractor asked what exercise I do.

I explained I walk a fair bit with the camera, and I bike a bit on and off.

She started to explain that I shouldn't bike, not with my neck, bent over and looking up and all that.

I stopped her, and said without thinking "oh, not that sort of bike... it's actually good for my back as I have to be up right"

She looked intrigued, although I was suddenly feeling to self conscious to really hear her ask what I meant.

I stumbled over my own tongue, and explained about my bike

She smiled, laughing to her self, as I stood feeling guilty about something I couldn't put my finger on.

She confirmed that the bike should be ok on the neck, and should also help strengthen my core.

I breathed a quiet sigh of relief...

And today, when the moment came flooding back to top of mind, I had a little laugh to myself.

I even smiled to myself knowing that one day I'll have to own up to her that I sit on a giant blue swiss ball at my desk at work...

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