Modern Mother and Child

We were on Baby sitting duty today at the Junior Curtis Residence. Had a very bad sleep last night. Either Alan or myself are tending to fall off the bed. At half past 3 we got ourselves settled down. I didn't feel too bad in the morning but Alan got up to give Cian his brekkie. I sorted out her ladyship with her bottle and wheatabix, something I hate myself but the kids seem to love it. Give me oats anytime. Tiredness caught up with me and when Esme went back to bed after her play time I had a snooze on the settee. Grandad was reading stories to Cian in the meantime. I felt he should have some exercise and when his Mum came home although we were short of time he and I went off for a quick jaunt round the block. He ran all the way and did as I obeyed and admitted that he was not the boss.......One day he will be telling me that he is the boss!!! He wanted on the slide and the car and the something else and of course "muggins" couldn't say no even although I knew that the wrath of Grandad was awaiting. He had an appointment. On the way round this 10 minute (Grandad says 7 minute) walk there was a discussion about who the boy loved and did not love !!. When I asked him about Esme there was a pause of consideration, a mixture of true feelings and guilt. He is very good on feelings is our Cian. ....Sometimes he gets " angy" and will tell you so. I really am impressed. There was none of this type of discussion when we brought up our kids, mores the pity and especially when we were being brought up . There are also a lot of "love yous......." and I'll miss yous " Great stuff Curtis juniors. Doing a good job. Mind you I don't really like it when its overdone on say, phone calls.......Love you.... love you millions etc etc.

The photo was taken when Siobhan came home from work and I was trying to dress the wriggling Esme. I had to sort her hair out and when I gave her the comb she tried to comb her hair. What a clever girl.

Then it was off back home for Alan's appointment and some shopping in Tescos for me. I had to crash out again on the settee as I didn't feel great being overtired and I woke up to see some strange thing on the TV that Alan was watching. Now to make dinner.......I made fish with over cooked veg which I burnt and a strange sauce for the fish. Tasty enough but the whole thing didn't work and I have to get back in to cooking again. Alan didn't eat the burnt bits sensibly

Various messages to friends before we embark on our next escapade.
Good night blippers..... I can't say when I will go to bed secret !!

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