Under the Bridge

Quick rundown of the day... Arvin and Helena are waiting for me.

Took Arvin to have a CT Scan. It took almost no time at all. In fact when he came out I spontaneously asked him, "That was quick. Don't you have a brain?" (It was a head CT.) Everybody in the waiting room laughed and Arvin picked up on it. "No. It fell out and they had to pick it up off the floor." So it went. We were all bent over with laughter.

We picked up Helena and went shopping.

When we got home Helena went for a walk and I photographed the birds before going on a longish walk myself. I went down to Scudder Pond and Bloedel Donovan Park. This photo is from the Bloedel Donovan beach looking under the Electric Avenue Bridge towards Whatcom Creek. The late afternoon light coming toward me from the west was quite wonderful.

I zipped home and made dinner for us all. It was rock fish and shrimp, with a veggie stir fry and brown and wild rice. Mmm.

I went through my photos and picked this one. (Be sure to look at this in the large version.) Now it is almost 9:00 pm and the gang is upstairs waiting for me to join them for some TV. Hopefully I'll have some time later to do some comments.

Cheers all!

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