By MerrilHope


Nasty nightmare (is there any other kind?) woke me in the small hours and the sight of Besiktas, curled up and comfy on the bed gave me the reassurance I needed. Bless her for that. Woke again at 8.45 and it took me a while to realise that the clocks had gone back and so it was officially 7.45 whereupon I promptly rolled over for another hour's kip.

A quiet day but glorious weatherwise @ 18ºC in super sunshine. After spending too many hours engaged in staring at my computer screen engaged in school work, I took Connie-dog with a very waggy tail, accompanied by Elizabeth and Caroline, for a wonderful walk in the woods - so peaceful and lovely in the October sun. I took several photos of the two cats playing in the trees, but for today's journal, I choose the image of Besiktas, ballet-like, that gave me such solace in the night.

Just realised that today is 300 consecutive blips. Too late to find a clever three hundred image, but at least I can say thank you to everyone who takes the time to look at my photo journal and even more so to those that have subscribed and/or take the time to comment. As many others have said, (because it is true), the Blipfoto family is really rather special and was totally unexpected when I began this journey at the start of the year, but I am extraordinarily grateful for all new friends and finding so many connections between folk across and around the world. A miracle really.

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