A Collector of Oddities

By MinBannister

Things I'll never throw away

Item 1 - a piece of paper.

It reads:-

She's wonderful and was the mistress of a famous poet (Rupert Brooks perhaps) as she was a famed beauty in her youth

This was a note passed to me by a woman in a pub in Exeter a few years ago where my husband (though we weren't yet married) and I were attending the Centre for Fortean Zoology Weird Weekend.

We were all settled in with our drinks and chatting away when a very old lady with very brightly coloured lipstick arrived. Immediately, our CFZ hosts went into overdrive, taking her coat and stick, fetching her a chair, cushions, a drink and everything she needed to make her comfortable. My husband and I were intrigued and were wondering who she was when a woman sat at our table passed me over this note.

I am not really sure why I like it so much but it makes me smile every time I see it and so it floats about amongst my belongings, ready to be rediscovered every time I have a clear out.

I think I just rather like to imagine the glam lifestyle of this famed beauty who, now in her old age was still being treated like a queen wherever she went.

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