By Artyfartyannie

Colour and Shape

Didn't expect this to come out like this. Might have been better in Mono. Might post that on Flickr. Just checked it out and its worse not better !!!

Anyway a bit of a bitty day today. I'm searching for a bag of Orchid compost which seems to have vanished. I hate losing things. Goodness knows where it will turn up. Alan went to food bank and then went out at night for a meal with boys.........at least I hope it was boys...... : - 0
Joking again but keep a close eye girls.......................

I wish I could say that I did something substantial today but apart from searching high and low, I cant really think of anything. I did try to mend some lights which I have up all the time inside but that failed. At least I didn't get electrocuted !!

Nighty night

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