Autumnal gateway

I spent most of today dashing from one place to another. I started by walking up to town to meet external work colleagues for breakfast at Centotre. Then I caught the bus to my university's business school campus, where I set up a couple of meetings. After that I walked down to my own campus. Here I had a short amount of time to start ploughing through the e-mail backlog that had built up over the past couple of days before attending a long afternoon meeting. After the meeting I returned to the e-mail. I managed to clear everything by 6:30pm so my next appointment was with Tesco to buy a bottle of fizz to take over to my friend's S's house for a small drinks gathering with some of our girlfriends. I left them drinking and chatting just after 8pm to head back into town to meet Mr hazelh for dinner at Pizza Express.

I took this photograph on my walk between campuses this morning. I wondered whether there was any history of Avenel available online, and I have discovered that the house used to be a training school for nursery nurses.

Exercise today - trotting here, there and everywhere.

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