By Wendywoo2

A day out for my birthday!

Gone are the days where a big night out is planned to celebrate my birthday. But today I wanted to spend the day doing something instead. The idea was to go out and about with cameras and for me to use my new macro lens. However, we ended up at Marwell Zoo as I had read that a baby anteater was born on the beginning of November and I wanted to go and see it. My hubby also hasn't been with his camera yet. Unfortunately didn't have the chance to use the macro.

Although the weather was a little cold, we bundled up and headed out and we had a lovely day. As the weather wasn't warm like it was when I went over the summer, all the animals were on the move, out and about so could see leopards, tigers and cheetahs with ease. The snow leopard cubs were out today too and had grown loads since I last saw them. Unfortunately the baby anteater was nowhere to be seen. The meerkats were being kept warm by an infrared light - although one was hogging it a bit. But the show stealer of the day was definitely the giraffes - pulling all sorts of funny faces and were really up close. They really made me smile and made a lovely day perfect. Being out on the cold meant in my 'old age' (hee hee) I couldn't be bothered to go out for a drink tonight as planned. So a night in with my cats in the warm has been in order. Plus I could catch up with all the comments this week as I haven't had the chance.

Tomorrow should bring a nice family get together for lunch, breakfast out at our favourite place and a night in with 'I'm a Celebrity' - my guilty pleasure. Any ideas who is going in?

Anyway a great start to the weekend - hope you have a great weekend too blippers!

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