Yard Work

Today I spent a lot of time outdoors. The weather was perfect, low teens and sunny. Tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer but rainy. So it was nice to be out today while I could.

I had a long walk along the beach but the camera I was carrying was my 35mm and the film is not yet full. I am keen to develop that roll though as there are some cool images on it (I think ;)).

Later, when I got home, I took a wee wander about the garden with my TLR. Twelve exposure film is very easy to go through. I shot three full rolls of it this afternoon! Here is a sample.

Karin and I spent a while raking up the leaves. It was nice to be out there doing the yard work with her, even though I might rather have been wandering about with my camera taking pictures :)

I like this image as it shows something of our yard. But at the same time, I don't like this image because there is no obvious single element that is the focal point of the scene. I am trying to create images that take us directly to a focal point and this one fails on that count. But that said, I am not entirely dissatisfied. I think the image gives a good sense of the feeling of our garden... a little messy but warm and comfortable.

You would be welcome here.

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