By Artyfartyannie


..............go faster, go in the middle, slower, let me change settings, nearer me, this way, that way faster again..................still hadn't got the shot. "That it" he said, "I'm done. Enough". "Just once more, please". "OK, That'll have to do" . You just cant get the model these days................. so this is the best I can do here for the moment or until I can get someone who takes orders.
He is doing quite well so far though, poor lad.

Today I woke up having had one of my many nightmares. I couldn't remember it immediately but I did later. Its all so strange and no use telling you about it. Anyway felt great after I got that out of my system and had plenty of energy.

So it was a beautiful sunny day and we both got out and did some gardening. It was freezing last night so I had the woolly socks and the bed cardigan, at least one that is designated for bed. It being freezing last night, most of the leaves on the Rowan fell down gently and landed in a random way on the paves. I always like this as long as it is dry. The tree is an even more beautiful colour with its pinkish white berries waiting for the waxwings, if they come.

Much planting of tubs and raking of leaves was done by both of us which was very enjoyable in the sun and good upper body exercise.

Good job Mr and Mrs Curtis !!!

Mr Gemmell popped round and chatted with Alan. His feet were cold, he said and then mine became cold so I had to put thick socks on and a hat and 3 pairs of gloves. I was fine until I took them off and went outside.....very cold but now it is raining so that makes it warmer although I have wrapped up a few suspect plants.

Alan made roast chicken. That is not his normal meal but it was jolly nice. No wonder I don't lose weight.....roast potatoes. Yummy. Anyway I cant stand cottage cheese........................

That'll be it for tonight guys. Really looking forward to 11 comments on yesterday............Hope they are good. :))

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