By md1amond

Retreat Day 1

Me quitting my job actually came at a very good time, because my parents have gone to Spain for the week. Instead of sending our unpredictable, needy, badly-behaved delightful puppies away to Granny for the week, instead I'm dog-sitting and staying in the house. It gives me a nice chance to rest, enjoy some fresh air, and get a start on finding a new job.

So today we played in the garden every hour or two, had lots of cuddles, and then went for a very long walk through the fields and both dogs behaved like little fluffy angels. They really do try to be good, they just get excited and it takes a lot of patience to teach them.

This photo is at the end of the day - you can just see the golden sky as the sun's going down at the bottom of the garden. Even though I must have thrown that ball for him at least 100 times, Bernard always wants more.

A few more photos here.

Day ended with both dogs draped over me on the sofa, Downton Abbey, Baileys hot chocolate and some knitting. It almost feels like Christmas...

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