Well that wuzzny much of a title but my mind was shot after a day of delays although I was only 17 minutes late leaving Leeds on my return journey tonight the good folks at NR Network Rail screwed me over by making me 56 minutes late through crap regulating I asked my controllers at the end of my shift why they don't make a better effort to get you back on time they replied once you are a certain time late your classed as a lost cause well I no I am but the public still deserve better the whole trip from Plymouth was over ten hours I could have flown to Vancouver in that time jeezo so not much to report apart from it was a nice sunny day again but very cold and this was my shot taken at platform 5 in York awaiting my iminent departure to Leeds anyway that was my day apart from finalising my christmas gifts for family making up 6 calenders from my blips over the last two years so I can bore them haha ohh well such as life back to work tomorrow for a trip to Newcastle and then to Edinburgh followed by another trip North to Dundee and back have a good weekend folks movie for the day is "Better Late Than Never 1983" See Ya

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