Handmade Boats

Here is The Helen Marie -a beautiful little ship (nodding to hobbs). She was hand built by Dave Lucas, the owner of Lucas Boatworks. My husband Steven goes to work there every day -by boat of course, as we live on the same river as the boat shop. Pretty sweet! I kind of planned it that way when moving to this home one year ago.

This photo was taken while I was filming the departure of the Helen Marie from our dock, what they call a "capture" photo in the middle of the filming. Nice crispness and bubbles in the water for such a shot, I think! Cessna, Dave & Helen's dog is in the back of the boat. Steven had just dropped Chloe & Asia back home. Besides Steve, there was Bill, Howard & Dave in the boat ship; it's quite roomy.

I just uploaded my video of this boat taken this afternoon, to YouTube -it's only one minute long but  you can really see how the boat performs, here. Handmade by Dave!! I also just uploaded another short video taken last week of my husband's commute to work in Chelsea, another boat that was hand built at Lucas Boatworks. Such talent these men, and they have so much fun. See Steven's drive to work here.

We are getting ready for our annual drama-free American Thanksgiving Dinner at Lucas Boatworks. They clear all of the in-progress boats out of the pole barn and rented tables and chairs are set up. Everyone brings something to eat and it is a big community event. Some people go kayaking or out in the various finished boats . . . very low-key and fun! Here's my blip from last year if you want a peek at how crazy this is! Love it. can't wait!

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