Bakelite is an early plastic, & one of the 1st. plastics made from all synthetic compounds. The Bakelite Corporation was formed in the US in 1922 from a merger of 3 separate companies, & they made a wide variety of products, like kitchenware, pipe stems, jewelry & children's toys. The height of Bakelite's popularity in the US was from the early 1920's through about the late 1950's , early 1960's. The "retro" appeal of old bakelite products makes them very collectible. This is an assortment of bakelite-handled silverware. I pick up a piece here & there as I find them--the patterns are not all the same, but I like all the different colors they come in. Plus, the granddaughters use these "special" forks when they come visit, & only the 2 of them are allowed to eat with them --no parents can use them! (their rule, not mine, but I'm happy to oblige! Ha! ) :)

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