I'm in Glasgow, staying with friends and room sharing with an insomniac. She likes to read, with the light on. Luckily she slept quite a bit last night.

This morning it was off to the Merchant City for my Games volunteer interview. The taxi drove past the Clutha. The traffic in Glasgow had been awful last night because a Duke was visiting the Clutha and there was an event in Nelson Mandela Square.

I bumped into S at the interviews and then met up with the gang. On the way to Debenhams I passed this building being demolished. Look like the crane driver was having good fun.

So off to the Christmas markets (smaller than Edinburgh) and then on to champagne cocktails in Frasers followed by a late lunch at 'October' before adjourning to Rogano. My roommate C is a very long standing, dear and a very generous friend but ..... and I'm afraid I can't get excited about the endless talk of grandchildren. Maybe my day will come! Rogano also has difficult memories for me. The last time I was there really did mark the beginning of the end.

After Rogano I ended up standing outside Queen St waiting for a taxi for the second night. Luckily it was about 8 degrees warmer tonight.

We came back for pudding and 'Strictly' and the Mandela concert from 2001. C and A were there, in Trafalgar Square but we didn't see them, 12 years on.

everyone else has gone to bed. I suppose the light will be on when I go up. Mmm.

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