Lucas Boatworks Tiki Hut

Nora and Garth, our friends from NY are sitting here in the Tiki Hut with Helen Lucas, listening to stories at the world famous Lucas Boatworks and Happy Hour Club! Dave Lucas and my husband Steve are providing the stories, maybe just a little exaggerated : ) After Garth & Nora arrived at our house this afternoon we hopped in the boat. It was a lovely short ride over to visit Dave & Helen and show Nora around. She had not yet seen the Tiki Hut, the pole barn and tents where the guys build boats, paddles, tables, etc. It's quite a place! Garth and Nora will be here for 4-5 days and it is great to have them here. I think Nora and I will go to Nia class tomorrow morning and when we get back I will work on moving some more things out of the kitchen to prepare for Friday when the contractor comes to start pulling it apart for the renovation!

Tomorrow is SundaySkies . .. please leave me a comment if you would like me to list you as a participant. Since I am 16 hours behind some of you, I have already gotten a comment from MummaHen! :) If you are new to Sunday Skies, all you have to do is take a photo of the sky on sunday, blip it for sunday of course and then leave me a comment. I will so my best to get you listed. Last week we had a lot of entries - look here to get an idea.

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